Case Study
Pet Sector
Wind Point has a history of creating value in the Pet Industry
Consumer Products


Wind Point has been an active investor in the Pet industry since 2010. This video includes discussion by Paul Peterson (Wind Point Managing Director) and several of our executive partners (CEOs, Business Owners and Executive Advisor Partners) who we have worked with closely to create value in the Pet sector across multiple businesses for over a decade.

The executive partners featured in this video are Sharon Rossi (CEO, FoodScience – Wind Point VIII), Don Pestell (founder and former CEO, Pestell Group – Wind Point VIII) and Wind Point Executive Advisor Partners Alice Tillett, Bob Black and Chris Hornung.



Note: Executive Advisor Partners (EAPs) are not employees of Wind Point Partners, they are third party consultants utilized by Wind Point on a periodic basis. EAPs may receive direct compensation from a portfolio company under terms agreed to by the portfolio company and the EAP and this compensation will not offset management fees. Any compensation received by EAPs at the portfolio company level will be indirectly borne by the Fund by virtue of the Fund’s investment in a portfolio company.