Our Strategy

Our strategy creates a clear path to value creation

We know what we do well

The foundation of our investment strategy has been executed over multiple decades and economic cycles. With over 20 years of average tenure at Wind Point, our leadership team has continuously refined and enhanced our approach to value creation and transformation. We believe our time-tested playbook for success is replicable and getting better with every partnership and every transaction.

Combining the key elements


Every investment we pursue starts with a Vision – a keen focus on the possibilities to drive business transformation through the Wind Point value creation playbook.

The Vision reflects the collective investment and industry operating experience of the Wind Point team and executives from within our Executive Advisor Partner (EAP) and Chief Executive Pipeline (CEP) programs.

We believe our ability to create a Vision for how to accelerate growth and transform an already well-positioned business in a stable and attractive industry is a core competency of the firm.


Talent is a key enabler to our success – executing on the Vision to make it a reality.

Collaborating with a group of established and closely-aligned industry executives can have a significant positive impact on a business in our segment of the market (i.e. $10 – 75M EBITDA).

Wind Point was an early pioneer in working closely with operating executives to drive value creation in private equity investments. Identifying and cultivating relationships with premier executive talent has always been at the heart of Wind Point’s DNA and permeates throughout our culture. We believe our steadfast approach to partnership has earned us the reputation as a preferred partner to the best operating talent across our industries.

In every Wind Point investment there is active involvement of executives from our Executive Advisor Partner (EAP) and Chief Executive Pipeline (CEP) programs. These Board-Level and C-Suite executives augment our team’s industry experience and assist in all aspects of the evaluation and execution of our investments, from ‘day-one’ to exit. We often hear from the business owners and management teams we have partnered with that the quality, active engagement and alignment of the executives we bring to bear is a key differentiator of why they choose to work with us.


We are builders – we believe our companies are fundamentally Transformed during our ownership.

Each Wind Point investment involves a Value Creation Plan (VCP) which represents the blueprint for transformation.

The VCP is the product of aligning the Vision + Talent. VCPs are created in close collaboration with the management teams we partner with and members of our EAP and CEP programs.

The VCP is multi-faceted and often involves a combination of the following elements: set strategic value, cultural alignment, leadership enhancement or professionalization, long-term revenue growth, business systems & intelligence and accretive M&A.

There is clear pattern recognition in the way we create value in our investments and our team and executive partners take great pride in these outcomes.

Our sectors


  • Distribution
  • Engineering & Facility Services
  • Transportation & Logistics

Industry Themes

  • Essential or non-discretionary services
  • Fragmented markets
  • Reoccurring revenue streams
  • Significant barriers to entry
  • Technology advancement
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  • Food
  • Household Products
  • Pet

Industry Themes

  • Brand and channel proliferation
  • Clean label and better-for-you
  • Convenience & customization
  • Outsourcing of new product development
  • Private label
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  • Packaging
  • Chemicals & Specialty Materials
  • Engineered Products

Industry Themes

  • Flexible packaging
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Repair of aging infrastructure
  • Reshoring of North American manufacturing
  • Sustainable materials
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