For business owners

Multiple decades of experience partnering with closely-held businesses

Track record of building strong companies

We believe we are great partners for sellers interested in continuing their legacy and taking care of their employees.

Wind Point aims to structure transactions to meet business owners’ long term goals. We appreciate that owners have numerous reasons why an ownership transition may be needed — whether that’s to diversify family wealth, solve leadership succession or to engage a capital partner to support the company’s next stage of growth.

Integrity and transparency

We believe in fostering strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We are proud of our reputation as good stewards in the transition of businesses to new ownership, and we take that responsibility seriously. We shoot straight and stand by our values.

A history of successfully providing transition solutions

The Wind Point model provides significant flexibility to shareholders and managers. We believe we are well-positioned to provide various flexible leadership solutions:

  • Long-term succession planning
  • Immediate, high-caliber CEO involvement
  • Go-forward Board representation to complement the strengths of the incumbent team
  • Flexible investment horizons


A focus on long-term value creation

Wind Point has built a multi-decade track record of partnering with great companies while maintaining the culture that has made them so successful. We are not looking to win today at the expense of tomorrow. Rather, we are focused on building industry-leading businesses and consequently investing behind growth drivers that ensure long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

FAQs for business owners

How do I know if my business is a cultural fit with Wind Point?

We believe our strong relationships are what drive the best outcomes for all parties. We take our core values seriously – integrity, collegiality, accountability, excellence, continuous improvement and entrepreneurship. Wind Point wants to partner with businesses and teams that share those values, and we put a focused emphasis on cultural alignment with the company early in our diligence processes.

What is the typical structuring of a transaction with Wind Point?

Most of our acquisitions are 100% cash transactions with most of the proceeds paid at closing. If an owner is reinvesting in the business alongside Wind Point, we try to structure the rollover component as a tax deferred rollover.

What does a transaction process look like?

Wind Point commits the necessary resources to complete transactions as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to organize a thoughtful, discrete and focused process for sellers while minimizing disruption to the business. A typical investment process will last between three to six months.

How does Wind Point create value under its ownership?

Together with the management team and our Executive Advisor Partners (EAP), Wind Point sets the vision for the business by developing a value creation plan (VCP) for each investment. Wind Point’s VCPs focus on sustainable growth initiatives and long-term improvements through both strategic organic investments and accretive add-on acquisitions.

What percentage of my business do I need to sell?

Wind Point seeks majority ownership positions in all investments. However, in many cases the sellers retain an ownership stake alongside Wind Point. This rollover investment is often encouraged and allows sellers flexibility.

What if my business needs new leadership?

We believe we are well-suited to work with companies in need of a CEO, such as corporate divestitures, family-held businesses with no successors or entrepreneurs looking to step back and diversify their wealth. We also partner with businesses that have a strong CEO but would benefit from the involvement of executive advisors on the Board.

What happens to my employees under Wind Point ownership?

Wind Point focuses on fostering fulfilling work environments for all stakeholders – not just shareholders but also management, employees, customers and service partners. We firmly believe in providing incentives – through both equity programs and career progression opportunities – so that everyone is aligned.

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