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A differentiated model for long term relationships with recruiters

Wind Point's differentiated model

A key component of Wind Point’s investment strategy includes collaborating with executive candidates, industry experts and Executive Advisor Partners (EAPs) when we evaluate and pursue an investment in a new platform company.

Quick access to very high caliber and well-regarded executives is a critical component of Wind Point’s investment strategy. We actively seek introductions to executives who have highly successful value creation and P&L operating experiences within the core sub-sectors and industry verticals where we invest. Our senior investment team and Chief Talent Officer opportunistically meet executives on a regular basis to attract and engage the highest caliber executives in our industries.

Executive pipeline filled by recruiters

Executive Recruiters have the opportunity to build a preferred and long-term relationship with Wind Point that is meaningful and mutually beneficial. With deep knowledge of our investment strategy, leadership profiles and culture, recruiters help make direct introductions to prospective CEO and Board Member candidates.

We seek out introductions by recruiters to known executives on an on-going basis. We also solicit best ideas for needs at a new platform or existing portfolio company. We award retained searches based on industry experience and the quality of executives introduced to Wind Point over the prior 18 months.

All executive introductions are logged and tracked, and we offer compelling economics when an executive is hired or appointed to a Board.

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