Valicor Environmental Services

Valicor Environmental Services is a facility-based wastewater treatment provider and industrial waste processor.

Valicor, headquartered in Middletown, OH, is one of the largest providers of non-hazardous wastewater treatment services in North America. Leveraging its extensive fleet of tankers and a network of strategically located centralized wastewater treatment (“CWT”) facilities, Valicor transports and processes diverse wastewater streams that result from the manufacture of industrial and consumer goods. Valicor helps customers dispose of oily water, leachate, soaps, line flush waste, and similar waste streams, while also providing a diverse set of landfill solidification and product destruction services.

Wind Point acquired Valicor in June 2017. Our value creation plan includes driving organic growth and executing accretive acquisitions.

Wind Point acquired Valicor in partnership with CEO James Devlin. James brings a 30-year career in waste management and environmental services, where he has held executive leadership roles at established and emerging private equity-backed companies. Previously James served as CEO of ReCommunity ($145M P&L). Prior to ReCommunity, James was CEO of Thermo Fluids ($130M P&L).

Valicor is Seeking Acquisitions

Valicor is seeking strategic acquisitions. For additional information or to discuss a potential transaction, please contact Konrad Salaber.