Our Companies

We've completed 90+ platform and 250+ add-on acquisitions. Below are links to more information on our current companies.

Current Portfolio

  • Active Interest Media

    Acquired: October 2003 | CEO: Andy Clurman

    Active Interest Media is a media company focused on enthusiast magazines and related consumer shows, websites and books. MORE

  • Ascensus Specialties

    Acquired: January 2015 | CEO: Mike Huff

    Ascensus Specialties is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals. MORE

  • Aurora Plastics

    Acquired: August 2016 | CEO: Darrell Hughes

    Aurora Plastics is a leading producer of customized rigid polyvinyl chloride (“RPVC”) compounds. MORE

  • Dicom

    Acquired: February 2014 | CEO: Scott Dobak

    Dicom is a leading provider of expedited transportation and logistics services. MORE

  • Evans Food Group

    Acquired: April 2016 | CEO: José Luis Prado

    Evans manufactures branded and private label pork rind snacks. MORE

  • Gehl Foods

    Acquired: March 2015 | CEO: Rob King

    Gehl Foods is a manufacturer of dairy-based, shelf stable food and beverage products. MORE

  • Knape & Vogt

    Acquired: July 2006 | CEO: John Montigny

    Knape & Vogt designs and manufactures storage hardware and components. MORE

  • Nelson Global Products

    Acquired: August 2010 | CEO: Steve Scgalski

    Nelson Global Products manufactures tubes used in heavy and medium duty trucks and off-road vehicles. MORE

  • Ox Engineered Products

    Acquired: February 2018 | CEO: Dave Ulmer

    Ox Engineered Products is a Leading Specialty Building Products Manfacturer MORE

  • Paragon Films

    Acquired: December 2016 | CEO: Darin Tang

    Paragon Films manufactures value-add high-performance stretch films. MORE

  • Pestell Group

    Acquired: June 2018 | CEO: Matt Miller

    Pestell Group distributes animal feed mineral and ingredient products. MORE

  • RailWorks

    Acquired: May 2007 | CEO: Kevin Riddett

    RailWorks provides engineering and construction services for track and transit systems. MORE

  • St. George Logistics

    Acquired: July 2016 | CEO: Chris Jamroz

    St. George is a premier provider of import/export and value-added warehouse logistics services. MORE

  • Stir Foods

    Acquired: December 2017 | CEO: Milt Liu

    Pacifica and Stir Foods is a leading manufacturer of custom soups, sauces, dressings, and fresh salsas. MORE

  • Valicor

    Acquired: June 2017 | CEO: James Devlin

    Valicor is a facility-based wastewater treatment provider and industrial waste processor. MORE

  • Vee Pak

    Acquired: March 2017 | CEO: Richard McEvoy

    Vee Pak co-manufactures personal branded care products. MORE