Citadel Plastics

Citadel Plastics is a compounder of thermoplastic and thermoset resins.

Citadel Plastics, headquartered in Philadelphia, serves the power tool, lawn and garden, appliance, automotive, HVAC, electronics and construction markets. Citadel has 11 manufacturing facilities in six countries.

Citadel’s product portfolio features compounded grades of nylon, ABS, polycarbonate, PBT, PET, polypropylene, polyethylene, unsaturated polyester and engineering resin alloys. Examples of end-use applications include electrical connectors used in construction and equipment assembly, motor and pump housings in appliances, and automotive lighting components.

Wind Point launched Citadel Plastics in 2007. Our value creation plan for Citadel is to create a global leader in the growing but fragmented niche resin compounding industry. Citadel has completed six acquisitions under Wind Point’s ownership, allowing it to meet the complex demands of international customers.    

Wind Point launched Citadel in partnership with Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick.  Prior to launching Citadel with Wind Point, Mike had a successful 30-year career with Rohm and Haas, an $8 billion company, most recently serving as President and COO.

Citadel is Seeking Acquisitions

Citadel Plastics is seeking acquisitions of complementary plastics compounding businesses. For additional information or to discuss a possible transaction, please contact Paul Peterson.